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I joined the financial service industry in October of 1982, so to say I've been around a while is an understatement.  Coming from a military family, and knowing some of the financial struggles we had, I wanted to work in an arena where I could positively impact individuals’ financial health.  I began my career in Boston Massachusetts, and in 1986 moved to Arizona where I have been ever since.

My wife and I married in 1986 and our passion is traveling.  I am also a proud father of two independent, Northern Arizona University graduated daughters. Go Lumberjacks!

We all live here in Arizona and although I work out of Phoenix, my wife and I make our home in the cool pine trees of Prescott, Arizona.

When you’ve been doing this for as long as I have, the list of families you help becomes expansive.

It is what I was meant to do, helping people over time put their own children through school and move comfortably into retirement.   I help my clients implement a well-thought-out financial plan that helps them build and maintain wealth.

I have clients all over the country, with much of my clientele is in Arizona, New Mexico, and southern California.