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Arizona Highlights and Local Buzz

Jurassic Fight Night 

Jurassic Fight Night 

One of the best things about being a dad is getting to be a kid again with your kids.  My son, Jake, is 5 years old and obsessed with Dinosaurs, talks about them all the time.  So, what better time than now to take him to Jurassic Fight Night a complete production featuring dinosaurs brought back to life from 65 million years ago in a boxing ring to determine who is the fiercest creature of the prehistoric era.    The best part of the event was they walked the dinosaurs around hyping them up before the fights.  Jake was able to get close and even touch them.  An event that he talks about weeks later.  I know dinosaur fights are not everyone’s cup of tea but regardless there a lot of things starting to open back up.  Gila River Arena did a great job of making a great environment for us to enjoy the event and not have to worry.  Go check out all your local events and create your own lasting memories with the ones you love.

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Moab, UT a great long weekend getaway 

One of the things this pandemic has taken from us is the freedom of travel. My wife and I love to visit new places and we miss that part of our life. We have decided to do more local travelling. We snuck away with some friends this last weekend to Moab, Utah. Its a drive of just under 8 hours, but once you are there there is so much to do. We went to Arches National Park this time, but of course there is Canyonlands, Dead Horse State Park, and also the scenic Colorado river waterway. We detoured over La Sal mountain on the way back and then hit Monument Valley on the Arizona border. There is so much to do. We had a great four day weekend and if you havent been, put it on your bucket list! Happy Traveling! Kristen and Bill

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The Van Buren – Gary Clark Jr. Concert 09/07/2021

Everyone has that band or song that when it comes on the radio you cannot help but tap your foot or bop your head.  Gary Clark Jr. is one of those musicians that I find my mind and body getting into the rhythm beat of the music every time it comes onto the radio.  Gary Clark Jr. is a guitarist that started in Austin, Texas and brings elements of blues, rock, and soul to his music.  As a concert goer, I have seen my fair share of concerts and know the venue can elevate the experience.  Whomever your favorite group or musician happens to be playing, go and check out the Van Buren in downtown Phoenix.

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As many of you are aware, my wife and I now call Prescott, AZ home.  While we miss many of the Valley spots we used to go to, we have now become experts in places in Prescott.

One of our favorite locations is a small restaurant called BiGA.  It is not well known by out of town visitors, kind of a local secret.  With locally sourced and organic products whenever possible, their lunch and dinner menu is full of flavor. They also serve cocktails, so it is a great date night location.

We enjoy getting the mussels, but everything we have had there is fantastic!  Call ahead for a table as the dining room only has about 8 or 9 tables.

I encourage you to check it out, but remember, you are now a Prescott insider if you go there!   – Bill Stead

Phoenix Mercury Game

On Saturday, September 11th, I had the opportunity to attend my first Phoenix Mercury WNBA game at the Footprint Arena with Melissa Hillman.  It was so much fun.  The updates to Footprint Arena, including a grab and go beverage center and lots of food choices, were impressive.  I appreciate the order ahead feature at some of the vendor areas, where you will find a separate window to pick up food that you order in the app.  Also, Wetzel Pretzel with their delicious pretzel bites, has a designated booth, not just a cart.   The players give 100% when ever they are on the court, making it such a fun and fast paced game.  I find this to be common whenever I get a chance to watch women play, be it basketball, soccer, or softball.  Women athletes leave it all on the playing field.

The Taco Guild

One of our favorite places to take out of town visitors is a Mexican restaurant called Taco Guild.  When our daughter, son-in-law  and grandson came to visit from New York City, where great Mexican food is hard to come by, Taco Guild was the first place we took them.  

Located in a historic converted Methodist Church, built originally in 1893,  this place has loads of character, from the original stained glass windows and pews to a bar that kind of looks like an alter

The food is amazing.  So many food options to choose from, all of them good along with great appetizers and so much more.  But its more about the fun and the experience of eating, drinking and listening to live music that makes this one of our go to restaurants, with or without guests.  

Here are some photos of the time we took our daughter and her family.  Can't wait to go back again.