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24 "Elf on the Shelf" Ideas

24 "Elf on the Shelf" Ideas

December 01, 2023

We love helping families across generations with their financial planning. 


But sometimes, the hardest planning we do is figuring out what to do with the “Elf on The Shelf” for 24 consecutive days (parents- we know you feel this 😅).


To help, we put together this list of 24 ideas that were the biggest hits with kids last year.


They all are super simple and don’t require you to buy anything extra.


Whether you use it or share it with your friends or family- we hope this helps free up some precious time during this busy time of year!


Happy Holidays!


  1. With Friends: Pose with stuffed animals or near family photos.
  2. Scales a Wall: Use tape to appear climbing the mantle.
  3. Redecorates the Tree: Place the elf in the tree holding an ornament.
  4. Sampling sweets: Sit with a plate of cookies or dessert.
  5. Cereal Box: Place the elf holding your child’s favorite cereal box.
  6. Hides in the Silverware: Hide your elf here for when the kids set the table.
  7. Wraps Gifts: Place the elf with wrapping paper, a pen, and any wrapped gifts.
  8. Gingerbread House: Decorate a gingerbread house and pose the elf with it. 
  9. Gaming Makeover: Place the elf next to a controller or keyboard.
  10. Dressed as Santa: Pose the elf under the tree with a cotton ball beard.
  11. Eats Candy: Place the elf on your kitchen counter with holiday candies
  12. Take an “Elfie”: Use your phone to make it look like the elf took a selfie.
  13. Time to Relax: Create a hammock with a towel and lounge the elf in the tree.
  14. The Countdown: Elf holds a paper sign counting down the days to Christmas.
  15. Painting: Pose the elf holding a pen with a drawing.
  16. Snow-Elf: Make a snowman using tissue paper rolls, and hide the elf within.
  17. Coffee Break: Sit the elf holding a cup of coffee.
  18. Sweater Weather: Place the elf in the fridge wrapped in a towel to stay warm.
  19. Rice Angel: Lay some rice on a plate and have the elf make a “snow” angel.
  20. Stocking Dive: Place elf in one of the stockings on the mantel.
  21. Board Game: Elf pulls a board game onto the kitchen table.
  22. Marshmallow Bath: Place marshmallows and the elf in a bowl.
  23. Movie Time: Pose an elf carrying your kids’ favorite movie.
  24. Signs a Card: Place the elf with a card for Santa, telling him how great the month went and how the elf can’t wait for him to arrive.